Dear Parents and Guardians: 

RE: Second Semester Changes for Blended Learning 

We are about to begin the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year. Teachers and students have worked very diligently to adapt to the new requirements and work load placed on them. It has been heart-warming to see how our teachers, parents, and community have pulled together to keep the students of Lead Hill School District safe and educated. 

However, as we have seen how the model has worked for the first semester, we feel it is time to make some adjustments. The first adjustment will be choosing. By Monday, January 11, 2021, every student will choose to be either blended – on campus, or blended – off campus. No longer will we offer the hybrid model of choosing to only come to campus when you choose. Your student will choose to either be one or the other. This choice will follow them for an entire semester (except in cases of quarantine that will require an automatic switch to “off-campus?). If your off campus learner needs face to face teacher intervention, an appointment can be made for them to come in for tutoring help on the early out days. 

The next change will be in grade/gpa requirement. Your student will be required to keep a 'C' average (2.0) or be required to come back for on campus instruction. 

Off-campus student learners will be required to log in to their Google Classroom every day and complete work the day it is due. Most teachers do a daily Zoom for the off-campus students, so that they are not missing teacher instruction. It has become habitual with many students to turn in late work and have very infrequent logins. It is strongly recommended that the off-campus students Zoom with their class every day. Off-campus students will be held to the same late work policy that the on-campus students are, so attention must be paid to assignment deadlines, but daily logins and work WILL BE REQUIRED

All students must come to campus for standardized assessments, semester tests, and beginning, middle, and end of year testing. Appointments can be scheduled with the teacher. Failure to keep appointments without prior arrangements with the teacher will result in a zero for the assessment. 

The Lead Hill School District will continue to dismiss on Tuesday and Friday at 1:30, at this time, so that we may continue to offer the best education to all students. We have students that are ‘blended – on campus' learners and students that are blended – off campus' learners. We still feel that the two early out days are needed to allow time for teachers to ensure that no one is left behind. Time is needed for individual and small group Zoom/Meet meetings with students so that all students' needs are being met. Your student's teacher(s) will be here until 3:30 on these days, if you need to talk with them or discuss anything further. 

We are still offering after school care for students that need to stay and for students that are already in the after school program. Arrangements will need to be made for student pick-up because buses will only run when school is out at 1:30 and not a 2nd trip at 3:15, when school normally dismisses. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make these adjustments! It is our hope that these small adjustments will help all of us finish the year with success! 


Melissa Parks

K-12 Principal

Lead Hill School District