Attention Parents, Guardians, and our Community!

These waivers are critically important to our district and our students. Please help us take action to continue receiving these waivers. 

Mrs.  Melisa Thompson

Child Nutrition Supervisor

 Lead Hill School District

Greetings from the SNA Legislative Action Conference!

I wanted to reach out to you and ask you to stand with ASNA as we face the most recent crisis in relation to the current waivers we are operating under. 

In the conference, we have just been informed that waivers and SSO reimbursement are at risk of being eliminated as soon as May 2022. This is a critical time to have your voice heard and the Bill is almost finalized. 

We have received at least a 22% increase in reimbursement for each meal and this will be lost without your action. If removed, this means an 80% decrease in funding. 

ASNA is standing with SNA and we are encouraging YOU to urge YOUR legislators to grant USDA authority to extend critical school meal waivers.  Click here:

Thank you so much for all you do!! Our students deserve to receive all we have to offer and these waivers are the key to that!!!  

Tammie Works 
AR SNA President
Fordyce Schools Child Nutrition Director