The ACT Aspire State Standardized test will be given to 3rd-10th grades at Lead Hill School District April 26, 27, & 28th.

Testing will begin no later than 8am. Please make certain your student is well-rested and on time for testing.

Make up testing will be given next week if your child is sick or otherwise unable to take their test this week.

What is the purpose of the ACT Aspire tests?

While state tests are not the only measurement used to determine how your child is doing, it does enable educators to compare how students are progressing over time.  This helps informs teachers on how to develop plans regarding student growth and learning loss, and the impact COVID has had on student learning.


The Arkansas Educational Support and Accountability System (AESAS)  Act 930 § 2 of 2017, is the state law that requires the state of Arkansas to  test public school students. 

What Aspire tests will my child take? 

Grades 3-10 – all students

Reading, Writing, English, Math, Science

The ACT Aspire is an online criterion-referenced test given to measure a student’s knowledge of standard specific skills.  The total end-of-year testing time for ACT Aspire summative is 4 1/2 to 5 hours. These tests are administered over a five-week testing window.  Parents will receive score reports that will provide information regarding each student’s individual progress.

How Parents Can Help

When a test is being given, you can help by making sure your student: 

  • gets plenty of sleep the night before the test;
  • has breakfast on the morning of the test; 
  • goes to school on the day of a test;
  • does not have any out-of-school appointments on the day of a test;
  • knows you think he/she will do well on the tests; and
  • knows you understand the test is important.